Custom Outdoor Living Spaces

Having a beautiful outdoor living space is not only fun, but it adds value to your home. It also improves your quality of life, reducing stress levels.

Outdoor Living Spaces

An outdoor space is perfect for gatherings, watching the big game, or relaxing on a warm summer night. Choosing the right features will create a unique backyard retreat. Visit for more information.

A deck is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a good place to sit back with a book, watch the birds and the sunset or entertain friends and family. It’s also a good spot to host summer time birthday parties or barbecues.

A custom designed deck is an excellent way to enjoy your outdoor space. By combining a variety of elements, such as built-in seating or planters, you can make your deck uniquely yours. This also makes it more practical and enjoyable, especially when the weather turns cold.

Decks can be attached to your home (sometimes called a wraparound deck) or freestanding structures. Often they are elevated from the ground, sometimes as high as the second or third level of your home. Attached decks are generally designed to connect rooms of the house, such as a dining room or living room, and can be accessed from those rooms.

Adding a deck to your home can give you a large amount of extra space for patio furniture, plants and other items that may not have a place in the yard. It can also be the perfect place to hang a hummingbird or squirrel feeder.

Decks add a lot of value to a home. According to various resources, a well-built deck can increase your home’s value up to 75% of its cost. That’s a significant return on investment. Having a deck can also make it easier to sell your home down the road. An attractive and well-built deck is sure to catch the eye of prospective buyers and help your home sell quickly.


The porch is an essential part of the home, allowing homeowners to welcome guests, provide a convenient space for mail and packages, and relax. But it’s also a wonderful way to add personality to your home’s exterior. With the right furniture and decorations, a porch can be a welcoming spot for all of your outdoor activities.

Porches can take many forms, but are usually square or rectangular attachments jutting out from a section of the home. Front porches are more formal and typically designed to make a good impression on visitors, while back porches offer a quieter retreat. A screened-in porch is also an option that provides homeowners with the best of both worlds: privacy and comfort.

Regardless of which type of porch you choose, there are certain design principles that all outdoor living spaces should follow. These include “outer order, inner calm”, which means arranging items neatly and attractively so that it’s easy to clean and maintain the space. Other important elements to keep in mind are versatility and adaptability. “We do lots of different things over the course of a week or month, and it’s beneficial to have an area that’s versatile enough to accommodate both those everyday activities as well as once-in-a-while events”, says Lenhart.

If you’re thinking about adding a porch to your home, it’s important to work with a professional. A custom home builder will be able to help you find the perfect porch that meets your needs and enhances your home’s architecture.


From a simple patio to an elaborate pool, a custom outdoor space adds value and convenience to your home and allows you to create new memories and experiences with friends and family. It can be the place where you entertain guests and host parties, or a serene retreat where you relax by a fire, or even the perfect spot to watch the sunset with your loved ones. Whatever you’re looking for, Sponzilli Landscape Group is here to help you create the ultimate one-of-a-kind outdoor living space.

A patio is a flat, stable outdoor area that can be made from a variety of materials to match your style and function needs. If you choose non-porous, durable stone or concrete for your patio, it will require little maintenance beyond an occasional sweep and cleaning. Some homeowners choose to cover their patios with a roof or pergola to provide shade and protection from the sun, which will also reduce cooling costs at home.

Patios can run the length or width of a house and be connected to rooms for a seamless transition from indoor to outdoors. They can also be freestanding and surrounded by landscaping and gardens for a sense of privacy and solitude. Patios can also be built on slopes or hilly lots to take advantage of views and create an elevated experience.

Some of the most popular luxury patio features include fireplaces – either pit or built-in, an outdoor TV, sumptuous lounge furniture, an outdoor kitchen or grill station, and show-stopping pools. When choosing a contractor for your outdoor project, be sure to consider factors such as licenses, pricing, customer reviews, warranty policies, job completion times, and past projects.


Gazebos are ideal for outdoor living, offering a serene escape from the stresses of life. They’re the perfect spot for family gatherings, entertaining friends or just relaxing and watching the sunset. And like decks and porches, they add luxury value to your property.

Unlike standard plastic party tents or folding pavilions, gazebos offer protection from sun, rain and wind. They’re a great choice for homes located on the beach, near mountains or in valleys where strong winds are often present throughout the year. They can be concreted into the ground or anchored to stand on top of a patio, deck or other outdoor structure.

Gazebos can be made of wood, aluminum or a combination of materials. They can also be designed in different shapes, including rectangle, octagon, square and even dodecagon (yes, 12 sides). And while they may look like they’d take up a lot of room, many are designed to fit into smaller spaces and can even be built on existing structures.

While a gazebo is typically open, it’s easy to add walls, windows or other features to improve its functionality. For instance, homeowners can add screens or a trellis to grow vines and flowers to transform their outdoor space into a private oasis. A mosquito net is another helpful addition, ensuring guests are comfortable and free from pesky insects during balmy summer evenings.

While some people choose to build gazebos as DIY projects, it’s usually best to work with professionals. These experts can help ensure your gazebo is well-built and structurally sound so it’s sturdy enough to last for years to come. Plus, they’ll provide expert advice on sizing, design and landscaping that will make your backyard an impressive retreat.


Most families love spending time outdoors and a pool is an ideal way to cool off on hot summer days. A pool also adds value to your home as it is a desirable feature for potential homebuyers. In fact, recent studies have shown that pool additions provide a return on investment of up to 200%.

Pools are also a great social space for entertaining friends and family. They can be the perfect spot to gather to watch a sports game or entertain friends on a Friday night. You could even turn your backyard into the ultimate pool party by adding a patio bar, lounge areas and other entertainment features.

A pool is a beautiful addition to any outdoor living space and can bring the entire family together for a day of fun in the sun. They are a wonderful place for kids and teens to splash around and enjoy a refreshing pool party while creating lasting memories with their friends and families.

Outdoor living spaces are designed to be functional as well as beautiful. They are often used for daily activities such as relaxing and dining al fresco but can also be used for events such as family gatherings, BBQ’s and parties. A good design will consider all the functions you plan to use your outdoor living space for and make sure it is able to adapt to your needs.

We will create an outdoor space that fits your landscape and lifestyle, from a comfortable seating area with a custom fire pit to a full-featured kitchen with a grill and sink. We can also install a soothing spa, water feature or a combination of these elements to create the perfect environment for your personal retreat.