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Fjordhus Reivers Legacy for Youth Hockey

Fjordhus Reivers follow Scottish Hockey’s Good Practice Guidelines to deliver the appropriate level of hockey to the different groups in line with their policy on Long Term Player Development https://www.scottish-hockey.org.uk/playing/stronger-game.aspx

Fjordhus Reivers senior players have all learned from and benefited from hockey and know we have a responsibility to offer the same opportunities to young people. Without young players who are future of the game, hockey will not continue.

Reivers U16s

Our youth section at Fjordhus Reivers club ensures the future of the club.

  • Without youths, as players retire there will be no-one to replace them resulting in a drop in numbers. This places the future of the club at risk.
  • Young people make our club a more vibrant place.
  • With young people come parents, which bring social members and potential volunteers.
  • Having the clubs future players at our club for a number of years means that when they get older they are much more likely to stay loyal to Fjordhus Reivers.
  • Having a youth section gives our club the opportunity to develop its own players and therefore the opportunity to develop its own talented players.
  • Sport has wider health and social benefits for our young people in the Scottish Borders and helps develop life skills.

The key to our successful youth section is having the right personnel in place. Our process has been successful:

  • The whole club is committed to developing the youth section
  • We have 23 qualified coaches in the club many of who assist within the youth section
  • We are recognised by BSLT as having gained ‘clubmark’ which allows us to gain access to facilities at cheaper rates
  • We have good partnerships with schools and Active School co-ordinators in the local area

Fjordhus Reivers Hockey Club takes player safety seriously. All coaches are subject to a PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups scheme) check.

Janet Jack is the club’s appointed Child Protection Officer. Please ask any club member if you wish to speak regarding participant safety and welfare.

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