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Ladies and Mens Fixtures 2018-19

Ladies 1
Ladies 2
Ladies 3
Ladies 4
Ladies 5
08/09/2018ESM 2pmKelso - awayBerwick - away
15/09/2018Aberdeen Uni - away
22/09/2018St Andrew's U 12.30pmEdin Uni 5s 2pmEdin Uni 4s 3.30pmESM 3s 1pm (S)Cala 5s 2.30pm (S)Fidra 2s - away
29/09/2018Boroughmuir 2pmCala 3s - awayWatson 5s - awayDunbar - awayStirling 2s - away
06/10/2018Edinburgh HC 2pmEdin Uni 4s - awayEdin Uni 6s - awayCala 4s - awayPreston Lodge Dev 3.30pmKH Carnegie 12.30pm
13/10/2018Inverleith - awayGrange 3s 2pmWatson 3s - awayGrange 4s - awayFarlkirk & L'gow Dev - away
20/10/2018Kelburne 2pmEdin Uni 5s - awayEdin Uni 9s - away
27/10/2018Dundee Uni - awayCala 3s - awayKelso 2pmInverleith 3 - awayLiv & WL 2 3.30pmFalkirk & L'gow 2 - away
03/11/2018Granite City Wands 2pmLiv & WL 3.30pmBoroughmuir - awayFalkirk & L'gow 1pm (S)Kelso 3s - awayPeebles 12.30pm
10/11/2018Aberdeen Uni 2pmEdin Uni 6s - awayGrange 3s 3.30pmWIT 2s - awayKH Carnegie 3s 12.30pmEd Uni 7s poss change
17/11/2018St Andrew's uni - awayInverleith 2s 1pm (S)Liv & WL - awayKH Carnegie - awayHaddington Dev 3.30pm
24/11/2018Merlin G'nians 3.30pmWatson 3s - awayInverleith 2s 2pmStirling - awayPeebles 2s - awayEskvale - away
01/12/2018Fjordhus 3s 2pmFjordhus 2sBoroughmuir 2s 12.30pmRoss High Dev 3.30pmWatson 6s 1pm (S)
12/01/2019Kelso 12.30pmEdin Uni 5s 1pm (S)Ed Uni 9s 2pmBerwick 3.30pm
19/01/2019Edin Uni 5s - awayEdin Uni 4s - awayESM 3s - awayCala 5s 2pmDunfermline 12.30pm
26/01/2019Boroughmuir - awayCala 3s 2pmWatson 5s - awayDunbar - awayFidra 2s 12.30pm
02/02/2019Edin Uni 4s 2pmEdin Uni 6s - awayPreston Lodge Dev - awayCala 4s - awayStirling 2s 12.30pm
09/02/2019Grange 3s - awayWatson 3s 12.30pmGrange 4s 3.30pmFalkirk & L'gow Dev 2pm
16/02/2019Edinburgh HC - away
23/02/2019Inverleith 2pmCala 3s 12.30pmKelso - awayInverleith 3s 3.30pmLiv & WL 2s - awayPeebles - away
02/03/2019Kelburne - awayLiv & WL - awayBoroughmuir 2pmFalkirk & L'gow - awayKelso 3s 3.30pmEdin Uni 7s 12.30pm
09/03/2019Dundee Uni 2pmEdin Uni 6s 3.30pmGrange 3s - awayWIT 2s 12.30pmKH Carengie 3s - awayDunfermline - away
16/03/2019Granite City Wands - awayInverleith 2 - awayLiv & WL 2pmKH Carnegie 3.30pmHaddington Dev - awayEskvale 12.30pm
23/03/2019Merlin Gordonians - awayWatson 3s 2pmInverleith 2s - awayStirling 2s 3.30pmPeebles 2s 12.30pmWatson 6s - away
30/03/2019ESM - awayFjordhus 3sFjordhus 2s 2pmBoroughmuir 2s - awayRoss High Dev - awayKH Carnegie - away
06/04/2019Falkirk & L'gow 2s - away

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  1. Jon champion fidra

    Did anyone from the men’s leave a stick at fidra on Saturday. I can pàss it to the women’s team at Dunbar tonight where I will be pitchside

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