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Family Atmosphere

Volunteering and the Family atmosphere

Hockey would not, could not happen without the often unseen efforts of coaches, volunteers and club officials.  Fjordhus Reivers is no different with a range of employed and volunteer coaches, student volunteers and sports leaders in the club.

Getting involved with the club as a leader, coach, volunteer, umpire or club official offers great opportunities for gaining new skills, getting recognised qualifications and enhancing your personal and professional development (build that CV!).  It is also a great way to ensure a lifelong involvement in the club and help others gain the enjoyment from hockey.

Fjordhus Reivers aims to develop a healthy environment for all to participate in hockey to a higher level than they currently have access to.  Family involvement and support is very welcome and encouraged.

Parental excitement, genuine support, and an interest in childrens’ endeavors are strongly encouraged at Fjordhus Reivers as this will create successful and happy individuals who contribute positively to both the club and society.


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