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About us

Fjordhus Reivers Club Statement of Objectives

Our mission is to provide enjoyable hockey for players of all standards and ages within the context of a family orientated club

We aim to be this by offering:

* A place of fun and enjoyment for sportsmen and women, their families and friends.
* A leader in youth development of hockey
* A responsible and active supporter of the community
* Professionally and financially well-managed

Club Colours

Home colours: Black, black, red/black/white stripe socks
Away colours: White, black, black

Junior Colours: Red/black, black, red/black

All kit is available through the website under the ‘shop’ tab


Note that members are not covered by Club insurance for any injuries sustained, or any loss of property while at the club. Details of sports insurance are available on request.


Are you a parent looking for information on or behalf of your child? Whilst you may find some information on this page of interest, there is more specific information in our Youth Hockey section.

Whatever your age… Whatever your ability… Welcome

We are delighted that you are interested in joining Fjordhus Reivers club.   We aim to provide a social and development environment for hockey players of all ages and abilities. Whether you have never played hockey before, whether you are returning to hockey after a break, or whether you are a junior player looking for a supportive club environment in which to develop your skills and work towards your goals and ambitions we hope to be able to meet your needs.

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I’m Still Not Sure Hockey/Fjordhus Reivers is Right for Me

Playing a sport is a commitment in time and money, and we know it is sometimes hard from initial impressions to judge whether a club has the right opportunities for you. We would invite you to get in touch with our lead coaches,

Janet Jack jack788@btinternet.com mobile: 07766056937

Secretary, Claire Townsend townsendecosse@btinternet.com mobile: 07760380483

Why Hockey?

You may have never played hockey before but as the sport’s exposure in the media increases you may have thought it looks like a fun competitive sport to try.

You may have tried hockey at school but not pursued playing in a club before. Or you may have terrible memories of hockey from school on a cold muddy pitch that bear little resemblance to the fun fast sport hockey is today.

We think hockey is great because:

  • It is a fast technical game. You can learn the basics quickly, but still be mastering your skills after decades of playing
  • It is fun and sociable team sport
  • Rolling substitutions help make it a tactical game and one where you can rest during the game, and re-enter the fray revived
  • It is played at all ages. You can start at 6 and still be playing, even at international level at 60
  • It is played equally by men and women, boys and girls.
  • It can be played outdoors or indoors

Visit www.scottish-hockey.org.uk for more information on the game.

Why Fjordhus Reivers?

  • As a large club we have many teams so can offer you the appropriate level of hockey
  • We have a small and friendly clubhouse
  • Our main pitch is located alongside our clubhouse and is the highest quality pitch in the Borders region
  • We have a wide range of ages in our membership offering a full youth section all the way to veterans hockey
  • Our women’s 1st team plays in the National League which is the highest level played in the Scottish Borders.
  • We have several junior and Masters internationalists in the club demonstrating that we have a proven track record of developing elite players without neglecting social players
  • You won’t get ‘stuck’ in a team and you will have every opportunity to progress if you want to for example from the women’s 2nds to the 1sts, from U16s to either women’s 1sts or 2nds or from U14s to U16s.
  • There is a clear pathway for boys hockey through from U12 to the senior men’s team

That Sounds Great – I want to Join Now!

To join Fjordhus Hockey Club you need to complete a registration form and pay an annual membership fee.

We accept playing and non-playing (social) members.

For players membership fees are as follows

Adult – £200

Students/Unemployed – £120

U10′s and U12′s – £50

U14′s  - £80

U16′s and U18′s - £120

Social member – £10

Membership entitles you to use all the facilities at the club, attend training and playing in matches. Use of the club and training is included in your membership subscription. There is no additional match fee to cover pitch, travel and hospitality costs.

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